Hiraya Water is a smart water management company that builds solutions that address the different inefficiencies in the water sector. We provide products and services related to:

  • Non-revenue Water (NRW)
  • Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Management
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Telemetry
  • Asset Management

Hiraya is the single most competent provider of these services in the Philippines, having the unique value of both solid academic background and industry experience. Hiraya has challenged the norms and has improved on the state of the art. This innovative spirit in Hiraya is embodied by our flagship product, R-TAP.

R-TAP is an intelligent pressure management system that transforms most water distribution systems into their most efficient version. The system is currently patent pending, and has been recognized and supported by several institutions including IBM in SIngapore, and recently by the Department of Science and Technology.

At the core of the system is a proprietary self-learning algorithm that analyzes the behavior and characteristics of a water network (through strategically installed sensors in the network), and then controls it intelligently, so that pumps operate at their most efficient and that leaks are significantly reduced. Integrated with an online dashboard and a remote monitoring and control system, R-TAP provides you the ultimate tool to guarantee the most savings (significant reduction in NRW and power consumption) while ensuring the best service you can give your customers.

R-TAP takes charge to ensure that you get the most savings (in NRW and power consumption), while ensuring the service level that is ideal for customers. You don’t have to worry about changes in consumption pattern. The system adjusts intelligently to respond to any situation that the water network may experience.

With R-TAP, water utilities can relax knowing that R-TAP ensures that all potential for savings (both NRW and Power Consumption) is being captured, all while ensuring that customers experience the most ideal service level 24/7.

Benefits of R-TAP:


    Accurate management of pressure translates to significant reduction in NRW/ Leakage. No excess pressure means no excess leaks.


    Optimizing the operation of pumps, intelligently adjusting settings translates to energy savings. No excess pressure also means no excess power consumption.


    The ultimate goal of a utility is to provide the best service to its customers. R-TAP keeps the pressure accurately controlled, ensuring that the ideal pressure is experienced by the customers, and that service interruption from untoward incidents is avoided. R-TAP ensures a world-class service level that the utility can provide its customers.


    Smooth operation of pumps leads to prevention of incidence of pipe bursts.


    The proper management of pressure in a network leads to the extension of the network’s asset lifespan.


    R-TAP minimizes the need for frequent visits to pumping stations and activities that require precious manpower time, so you can focus your attention and resources on other tasks.


    R-TAP has an intuitive online dashboard to allow you to monitor your system anytime, anywhere, and an alarm system that notifies the operator anywhere he is, anytime there is an incident of concern.

Hiraya’s Smart Water Management team is composed of engineers and scientists in both the fields of water and electronics. The team’s unique value is its expertise that is based on the intersection of academic mastery and industry experience. The team is composed of ten engineers and a physicist, with Masters and PhD degrees in both the fields of water and electronics. We have published research in international scientific journals, and two of our members are part of the teaching faculty at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

The team represents more than 40 years of relevant work in the different areas of water utility operation, including telemetry and water network operations. In terms of telemetry experience, we have in our team several electronics and electrical engineers who specialize in wireless technologies, instrumentation and control systems, with experience operating and maintaining more than two thousand remotely-installed sensors and communication equipment. In terms of water network operations, we have been involved in several innovations and establishment of pressure management systems.

The team also have had experience handling projects of all sizes, including being project manager to a Billion Peso World Bank funded project.

All of this contributes to ensuring that our clients get systems that are not template solutions, but are customized and well thought out, responding to our clients’ actual needs.