Hiraya’s expertise spans across the different areas of water supply and wastewater management. The focus is on Smart Water Management and Water and Wastewater Treatment.

Hiraya’s smart water management flagship product is R-TAP, and intelligent pressure management system that optimizes water distribution. R-TAP started through Ideaspace Foundation’s National Technology Startup Competition in 2014. The product has since gained recognition from different local and international institutions including IBM (Singapore), Asia Impact Investment Exchange (Singapore), The Department of Science and Technology (DOST, Philippines). We take pride in this level of expertise that has allowed us to challenge the norms and innovate to avoid inefficient ways of implementing Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Management, and SCADA systems.

The water and wastewater treatment expertise of Hiraya is grounded on both solid academic mastery and industry experience. With the list of technologies within our expertise, our clients are assured that the most appropriate treatment processes are proposed, so as to assure sustainable management of water and wastewater at the least capital cost and lowest operational and maintenance expenses.

Stephen Larcia

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen has had a wealth of experience in the different areas of water operation, from water treatment, water distribution and wastewater operations. He has lead multi-billion peso World Bank funded projects and has become Technology Consultant to the water arm of the largest infrastructure company in the country. Stephen is also consultant to small waterworks as volunteer work.

Wally Boy Javier

Hardware Engineer

Wally is well experienced in both hardware and software development. He is knowledgeable on different platforms and systems on prototyping, troubleshooting, electronics design, and package design. He currently works on wireless technologies for smart water management. Previously a Product Development Engineer for Enhanced Products in Analog Devices Inc., Wally is an Electronics Engineer currently taking up his masters in Electrical Engineering.

James Colades

Chief Technical Officer for Water and Wastewater Treatment

James holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineer. He finished his dissertation at the University of Delaware and has lead two research projects in UP. He has published four international journals, and now currently a faculty at the University of the Philippines Diliman’s Environmental Engineering Department.

Louie Villamarin

Water Network Engineer

Louie is an Environmental Engineer and has been a water professional since graduating college. He was formerly with Prime Water developing hydraulic analysis and feasibility studies, assessing current water supply infrastructure and developing projects for their improvement. He has been involved in several projects including feasibility studies in different water districts and municipalities within Camarines Sur, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Pampanga and Batangas.

Ramon Vicente Marquez

Hardware Engineer

Ramon is an electronics engineer. At Hiraya, he works on embedded systems, instrumentation, and control systems. Aside from being a Cum Laude graduate of BS Electronics and Communications Engineering at UP Diliman, Ramon also graduated with High Honors at the Philippine Science High School. He has won awards in several Physics competitions. Ramon was also a PNB Tan Yan Kee scholar and DOST Merit scholar. He also likes to solve physics problems and algorithmic programming problems.

Martin Reyes

Chief Technical Officer for Electro-Mechanical Systems

Martin holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and an Undergraduate Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. He has done research on variable speed controls and solar powered water pumping system. He was involved in several projects under the UP National Engineering Center and led the electronics group of the Philippine delegation that won in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015. Martin is also also a faculty at the University of the Philippines Diliman teaching electronics.

Carla Alexis Manalo

Chief Operating Officer

Carla is Hiraya’s Water and wastewater treatment head. She has done several research work on water quality and water treatment and has designed wastewater treatment systems. Carla also leads Hiraya’s research on new water treatment technologies, as commissioned by a large local conglomerate.

Levy Asaytuno

Laboratory Analyst

Levy is a chemical engineer and Hiraya’s resident laboratory analyst and plant engineer. He has been part of water treatment projects, and has had experience on plant operation and management. He has also done research on a wastewater treatment for public markets.